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6 de agosto de 2016

Nuestro hotel estaba en Isla, frente a la playa de la Arena. En esa playa la marea subía y bajaba con diferencia, dejando lugares preciosos para hacer fotos entre las rocas que el agua cubría. Más que querer enseñaros un conjunto, quería enseñar las fotos que hicimos en esos sitios que os digo, que al atardecer parecían llenos de magia con los colores anaranjados del cielo y el azul del agua. Espero que os guste, ¡muchísimos besos!

Our hotel was in Isla, next to this beach called playa de la Arena. In this beach the tide increased and descended notably, leaving beautiful places to take pictures between the rocks that were covered by the water. I don't want to show you any outfit, but the pictures we took in those places I'm talking about, which during the sunset were full of the magic colors of the sky and water. Hope you like it, lots of kisses!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."


Skirt - Pull&Bear
Top - Pull&Bear

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  2. Fantastic pictures! Taking them at sunset made everything seem more romantic and soft.


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